We offer you an extensive machine program for milling, drilling, sawing, twisting, broaching and individuel customised solution.

The variety of machinery for processing large work parts, like engines and ship’s propeller shafts, the machine and plant construction as well as the wide range of parts for the drive and gearing technology rounds off the area of application for our reliable engineering.

The automotive industry, the tool and mold construction, the aeronautics and the wind power plant construction are also areas of application, whose claim on precision and efficiency is very successful in implementing by our machining.

Gear Cutting Machines for drive and gear production

  • Gear hobbing machines
  • Gear shaping machines
  • Generating and profile grinding machines


Broaching Machines with hydraulic and mechanical drive

  • Vertical broaching machines for inner and outer processing
  • Horizontal broaching machines for inner and outer processing

Special Broaching Machines

  • Broaching tools
  • Broaching devices
  • Sharpening machines for broaching tools
  • Vacuum-hardening for broaching tools
  • TIN-Coating for broaching tools
  • Contract broaching
  • Barrel broaching
  • Soft-hard-combination machines


High Performance Band and Hacksaws

  • Horizontal band saws
  • Horizontal mitre band saws
  • Vertical band saws
  • Large horizontal band saws
  • Swing-frame band saws
  • Hydraulic and mechanical hack saws