Quality Tools

The Wilhelm Tatje KG was one of Europe’s leading distributors of precision twist drills. For more than 35 years the company specialised in import and export of cutting tools to supply national and international wholesalers.

Our core business was not only the distribution of the complete product line of high quality drills and a variety of tools for metal processing, but also a customized service including stock-keeping, supply chain management and packaging management.

The tool – unit was sold to the company Steinhoff Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH in 2017.

Our clients benefit from cost and time savings through:

  1. A complete product range, all products from one supplier
  2. High quality standards ensured by our own quality management system in Berlin (Germany)
  3. Rapid response and delivery
  4. Stock-keeping service
  5. Customized packaging service

Extract from the product range:

  • twist drills , HSS , DIN 338 , roll forged
  • twist drills , HSS , DIN 338 , ground
  • twist drills , HSS – Co , DIN 338 , ground
  • twist drills , HSS – Tin , DIN 338 , ground
  • twist drills , HSS , DIN 340 , roll forged
  • twist drills , HSS , DIN 340 , ground
  • twist drills , HSS , DIN 345 , roll forged
  • twist drills , HSS , DIN 345 , milled
  • twist drills , HSS , DIN 1897 , ground
  • centre drills , HSS , DIN 333-A , ground
  • double end drills , HSS , ground
  • twist drills – combination sets
  • wood / masonry / concrete drills – combination sets
  • engineer’s files / wood rasps – combination sets
  • special tools according to drawings



We offer a complete assortment of twist drills with an extensive depth of the product range.


In Berlin, a distribution centre with a stock of 400t of twist drills is operated in order to guarantee a high availability of the products.

Supply Chain Management:

Know-How and experience for decades ensure a delivery at short notice.

Quality Management:

All products are manufactured in an ISO-9001 certified production and our rigid quality control system in Berlin additionally guarantees a constantly high level of product and service quality.

Customized Packaging:

Material requirements planning of the packaging mediums according to customer specification connected with the timely provision of the products ready for sale at the consignee.